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  • Changuu Private Island Paradise
  • Pristine white sand beaches
  • Combine with Tanzania or other Africa Safari
  • Giant endangered tortoise species originally from Mauritius

Changuu Island

Zanzibar Prison Island – also called Chaguu – was originally intended as a prison for recidivist criminals in the areas under British colonial rule in East Africa. It was however never used for this purpose, and the original buildings ended up being used as a quarantine area for yellow fever suspects arriving by ship.  The monsoon winds that dictated sea travel along the Indian Ocean at the time only broght in visitors between January and March the facility found other uses as a government owned popular leisure resort. Eventually the government stopped using the island for quarantine and converted the quarantine buildings into a guest house. This closed briefly but was reopened by a hotel with 15 cottages, a tennis court, a swimming pool and a library. The island is still owned by the government and entry fees still apply.

A rather interesting story about the island has to do with some endangered giant tortoises which are housed in the old prison. Four Aldabra Giant Tortoises were sent as a gift by the British governor of Seychelles in 1919. They quickly bred to about 200 in the 1950s, but reduced to about 50 animals in 1990, after their demand as pets and food rose.  More hatchlings were sent over and a big protective compound built and today there are a considerable number of these beautiful animals. They are now considered a vulnerable species and appear on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. There are a major attraction and cannot really be avoided on this tiny, exotic Zanzibar Island destination.

Changuu Island would be a great destination to combine with you Tanzania safari or other Africa safari.

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