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  • Third largest park in Tanzania
  • Wildlife-rich wetlands
  • Rare roan and Sable Antelope species

Katavi National Park

The Katavi National Park is part of Tanzania's Western Safari Circuit one of the most untouched areas of this beautiful safari country. It is the third largest national park in Tanzania, featuring amazing virgin wilderness, conveniently off the beaten track for most visitors. Katavi’s dramatic scenery is as varied as it is pristine. Flood plains of thick reeds and dense waterways are home to a huge population of hippo and varied birdlife. In the woodlands to the west, forest canopies shroud herds of buffalo and elephant. Seasonal lakes fill with dirt colored water after the rains and animals from all corners of the park descend on them to drink. The park is also home to the rare roan and sable antelope species.

Hotels & Lodges in Katavi National Park

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The Katavi National Park is one of the remotest and least visited wildlife ...

Katavi Wilderness Camp

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Katuma Bush Lodge

The Katuma Bush Lodge is located at the very center one of Africa’s ...

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