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Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve is Africa’s largest game reserve at about 45,000 sq. km, about three times the size of Kruger National Park. The Rufiji River, Tanzania’s largest, winds its way across the reserve forming a complex network of channels, lakes and swamps,l creating an outstanding ecological system and dividing the reserve into the northern and sourthern selous areas. The northern selous is only about 5% of the reserve’s total area, perfect for pjhotographic safaris. The southern Selous is more of a hunting destination, a service we do not offer.
One of the main attractions of the Selous is the variety of game viewing activities available here.There are boat safaris which are a real chance to see the river wildlife up close, including crocodile and hippo. Boat safaris are also good for ornithologists who can study riverine avians up close. Game walks are also available and they come with a real likelihood of encountering big game such as; elephant, buffalo and even lion. Game drives are reliably rewarding, especially towards the end of the dry season, when large mammals concentrate around the five lakes. Better still are the overnight fly-camping excursions offered by some of the camps, which entail sleeping out beneath a glorified mosquito net in the middle of the bush.

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