Katavi Wilderness Camp

Katavi Wilderness Camp is a seasonal bushcamp that opens up in June to end of February when Katavi National Park is dry and possible to explore, or at least not too wet for a meaningful African safari. Katavi National Park is an ultra- remote, little visited wildlife destination in south west Tanzania. It is a true jungle destination that promises some of Africa’s most spectacular game viewing in mostly unexplored wild territory. A Tanzania safari in Katavi promises some of the best game viewing opportunities in the country. Huge herds of buffalo and elephants roam the vast plains along with numerous other big African mammals. This is the place for a really private African safari experience, receiving only a few hundred visitors a year!

Katavi Wilderness Camp is on the edge of the Katisunga plains, right at the heart of this huge African wilderness, and it is quite possible to view numerous truly wild animals on the prowl right from your front porch. This one of the few places which offer a truly wild African safari.

Accommodation at the Katavi Wilderness Camp

Katavi wildlife has 6 tents set on raised platforms and covered with thatched roofs. The tents are quite spacious and feature en-suite bathrooms at the rear. The tents are shaded from the harsh African sun by the thatched roofs and each offers amazing views of the wilderness ahead. Each tent is en-suite, and has a large private veranda with a hammock and chairs. There are four double tents and two twin tents, and each has a safe.

The main camp lodge consists of a two-storey banda overlooking the point where the Katuma River drains the Katisunga plain, with the deck strategically located to maximize viewing of the movements of game between grazing and drinking. There is a small collection of books in the upper sitting area where guests can relax as they enjoy the stunning vistas.

The best time to visit Katavi National Park

 Katavi is mostly dry between from June through to the end of October. During this time, most animals are easy to follow since they congregate in the areas where they are assured of permanent water supply. It is quite common to see large herds of big mammals either grazing or on the move as they move to and from water sources. Quite often you will find predators in tow as they stalk the herds looking out for stragglers. The action is always up in the dry season. From November to February the park turns green and lush, still with excellent viewing and better than ever bird populations.

The camp opens on 1st June and closes at the end of February. Little game viewing is possible outside this period as the cotton soil soaks up excess water making it impossible to move around.

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Katavi Wilderness Camp

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